Saturday, July 26, 2014

Beginning the Week

Sunday we gathered up the bride and her aunt and went to lunch at Panera!
After lunch we went to the Aunt's house where some of us piled up in her bed during the house tour. Yes, we made ourselves at home. After this I was on a couch downstairs getting preferential treat because, well, I am Marmey after all. Aunt remeinded me that she has known me since she was fourteen. Yes, we are now old. 

Monday or Tuesday we spent some time playing Yahtzee. 

Hanging with Bride while she answered questions for the photographer. 

New peeps started coming into town on Wednesday. Here I am on Thursday with Suzanne, she is the same age as my sisters and we used to take her with us when she was four, she is now pregnant with her first baby. Time flies.

We took time Thursday morning for a quick trip to the mall for pedis, lunch (I had falafel) and some quick shopping. I bought make up. 

Friday, Michelle and I headed out for final wedding needs shopping. Here we are at Home Depot.

I had to have a picture in front of Tony's Country Store in Lambertville, Michigan. 

Me, Mom of the Bride, Pa-Pa as my kids call her, and Michelle.

Another one of us in the car, lots of wedding shopping went on.

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