Thursday, July 24, 2014

In Which Mom From the Last Frontier Goes to the Lower Forty-Eight

I began getting super excited about my trip when I got a call from one set of my parents saying they were coming up to see me when I arrived in the Lower 48!! Yay for my forever friend and our travel caravan being flexible enough to allow us extra time to visit. The time was short but we got to see each other in person. My Dad had surgery a few weeks ago so it was extra special to see them.

And waiting on me at the hotel (my friends let my parents pick me up from the airport) my forever friend (in the middle) and my new forever friend on the other side. 

I arrived late at night and this was us the next morning after my Dad went and picked up Starbucks for everyone, except me the non coffee drinker, and before our breakfast at Cracker Barrel. 

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