Sunday, May 16, 2010

Turn off the TV and leave them alone

Please don't leave them alone permanently, but give them some time that isn't scheduled and watch and see what they do. Now, if they are very used to tv and/or other media, then it might take some time.  They might:

Read a book,

or create something,

or then again, they might read a book while eating chips.

Levi eats a lot these days and I hear it is only going to get worse!

My point is... children do not need constant media bombardment. Children need time to think, read, create, play, explore and well, just be kids. There are no "tweens" in our home, nor will there ever be. There are children in our home, some day they will be young adults but we are not going to rush things....

we are going to enjoy the journey on the road less traveled.

By the way, this was our snow filled May day and that is why the blessings were inside, normally they are outside this time of year.


  1. Very good advice. We set up a tent in the backyard this weekend. The kids will be playing in it a lot in the coming days. I hope your weather gets back to summer soon. :-)

  2. Well, the words for this post are not where I put them last night. I stayed up way too late getting things accomplished around here....ugh! I have now had a nap but will not visit my dashboard for long today.