Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My mind

My mind is constantly thinking of what I can do with my blessings for school, fun, etc. My mind is also always thinking on blog posts that never seem to make it out of my mind and into a blog post. I am also always thinking of what I would like to do inside and outside of my home. Especially since we have been catapulted into warm weather. If only I could DO all the things I wanted....but then I would never sleep. And sleep is important, very important. So, one step at a time, I will educate my children and attempt to take care of things at home, one step at a time. Home...I love Home!


  1. Yes, sleep is important, esp. when you have a little one like you do! It is good that you see that.

  2. Yes it is, he can't make his own breakfast yet...although he could find his own food.

  3. Jenny,
    Enjoy your visitors. Visitors must be extra special when you live in the bush! That ice takes a while to give it up and go away after its long winter stay.

  4. I SO hear ya! I finally had to just prioritize things (like family - then school - then..well, you get it) And if those things lower on the priority list don't get done, I have to remind myself that they aren't really what's important.

    For "doers" like us - it can be very frustrating not to get it all done!

    Would love to hear further comments on the Schoolhouse Planner. I keep toying with the idea of getting it but then I wonder if I'd really use it.

  5. I really didn't use it like I thought I would but I got a really great promotion deal for mine.
    I did like being able to type in the pdf document and then print.