Monday, May 10, 2010


I haven't uploaded pictures but boy was it a busy weekend and Monday and tomorrow will be more of the same. You can bet your bottom dollar that Wednesday we will not leave the house until we go to church on Wednesday night. And Thursday and Friday should also be home days.
Today we:

  1. Let the girls sleep in as we stayed up late watching The History of Us on History Channel.

  2. Got a slow start to our day.

  3. Had breakfast

  4. Accomplished school.

  5. Answered a few phone calls.

  6. Washed two loads of laundry

  7. Had lunch

  8. Made a birthday gift

  9. Went to a birthday party

  10. Came home and played outside with the kids

  11. Took a 45 minute walk and the kids rode bikes (that was wonderful!)

  12. Gave the baby a bath

  13. Checked email while big kids took showers

  14. Did music flashcards with Judith

  15. Rocked baby to sleep 

  16. Now I am typing this post.

I am off to prepare for sleep because I am tired and my house looks like a tornado flew through here since as you can see on my list cleaning is not on there for today.
But I can say that today has been a great day and I would not change a thing.


  1. My house had the same tornado look from the weekend and since I knew it was going to rain today, I let it go yesterday and we enjoyed some time at the library and park. I am with you, no leaving this house a few days this week will be a welcome change. I've noticed that when it is nice, we tend to go more. This rain is very helpful today as I need to get my laundry back under my control.

    Blessings on your week,


  2. I wish I could have rocked the baby!!!!

  3. Love your blog header - not sure if it's new, but looks great!

    Sounds like a very busy day. Hope you are able to rest and catch up some this week. I do understand the tornado in the house - most of us probably do. Its neverending, isn't it? LOL