Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Length of Day
19h 48m
Tomorrow will be 6m 35s longer.
I copied this information from weather underground just now. We are now at 19 hours of daylight, actually almost 20 hours.
When people say Alaska is a land of extremes they are not joking! I hear many people complaining about all the sunlight. I honestly shake my head and walk away...why complain so much. Oh wait, they are probably complainers in the first place. Back to the subject, we enjoy our long summer days. These days make the long dark days of winter seem like a long time ago. These busy sun filled days also make those dark winter days cozy and school filled. I love them both, especially if I am home! I will be home tomorrow for the first day this week. I look forward to a day at home.
Now, I have to get to sleep, it takes Benjamin a good hour to get into his final sleep for the night mode right now, the poor little guy is battling some tummy issues, I think I have that taken care of for now though.


  1. We are noticing a lot more light here too, but not that much. It's hard to get the kids in bed when it is light outside. How do you do it? I suppose you have blinds!

  2. We do have blinds for sure. I think they are just used to the light and exhausted so we normally do not have a problem. It was funny when we were in the lower 48 last summer and the kids experienced dark in the summer for the first time in their lives.

  3. I'm surprised at how well my little ones have accepted going to bed when it is so light outside. We have great shades in their rooms, but you can still see that it is light outside. The other day I got up at 2 am and it was not really all that dark outside even. Wierd, but fun! I will enjoy it while we can. Last weekend we were at the beach until after 11 pm because it was still light and we were having so much fun!

  4. Before we had our blessings my husband and I would be outside working and he would all the sudden look at his watch and see that it was 11pm and we had to stop working because he had to get some sleep because he had to be up in a few hours for work!

  5. I'm with you, Melissa on the sun. I love our long days. It really does make those short winter days seem like so long ago. My least favorite time of year is the early fall when the bears are still roaming around, but it's dark outside at night and no snow on the ground to reflect what little light there is. Those late night trips to the outhouse in the fall when it's dark outside and the dog has been barking are a little worrisome. You know there's something out there, but too dark to shoot it! :) But these summer days are the best! :)

  6. Love your attitude of seeing the blessings in both extremes. What a sweet role model for your family!


  7. If I didn't see the blessing in those long,dark, cold days I would be a basket case!!!! I actually enjoy winter, it slows us down. Today we were gone all day and worked in the yard all evening, long day.