Monday, May 31, 2010

Our Weekend

I did not take a single picture all weekend so it must have been a good weekend. On Friday evening the girls and I and baby watched the second Anne of Green Gables movie while the men were bear hunting. Saturday after the men returned home I went to town alone to run some errands (much needed after having a sick boy most of the week). Today I went to meet a friend's new baby boy and left home with a list of new errands to attend to. I also went to Old Navy for the first time in a long time and I actually liked much of what I saw and the music wasn't blaring, it was mild. I bought Benjamin some short sleeved shirts and went home happy. After arriving home we had some friends come over to do some four wheeler riding with my wonderful husband and the kids and my friend and I cooked and chatted. We had two different families eat the Memorial Day food of many, burgers and dogs and we had watermelon and banana pudding. The watermelon was actually good compared to what we get here.
I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with friends today, it should be done more often for sure.


  1. So glad you had a fun week-end! I do want to encourage you to plan some get-togethers with other moms. I've found that those who attend usually enjoy it and there is a core of people who truly want and get the encouragement and support that it offers. Praying you would find that too!


  2. Oh, banana pudding! Yummy! Your menu sounds like summer. I took pictures, but had a borrowed camera and so I will be waiting to get them uploaded. My dear mom loaned me her camera when she learned that ours is not working. She even promised to upload them to Photobucket for me. What a deal.