Friday, May 31, 2013

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was the end of year picnic with our home school program. Upon returning home Elisabeth brought me a package that contained my repaired camera!!! Yay for the camera repaired under warranty.
Therefore, I started snapping pictures.
Today started with cloud cover, I was thankful because the house is looking a little neglected. Today is work day around the old homestead. My arms also need a break, I get a rash every year when we get our first hot spell as I spend as much time as possible out in the sun. Today I am giving my arms a break and working inside.
My husband is replacing some broken tiles
The girls were sewing for fun. Judith made jorts (jean shorts).
Elisabeth and Benjamin came up with a sewing project but I have not seen the finished product.
Levi and I finished up the boys’ room. The floor is clear and the closet is neat and the shelves and toy bins are organized, the dressers are clear. Benjamin’s clothes have been changed from winter to summer and from a smaller size to a larger size. Whew! Glad that is over.
Daddy took a work break to read a book to Benjamin.
We are slowly getting the garden in, tomatoes are in the makeshift green house.
Carrots, onions, lettuce and spinach have been planted.


  1. Yippee for fixed cameras!

  2. Summer is wonderful - you got so much done too! I'm waiting for my mother's day gift (a new camera) to come in by Fed Ex. The company sent the wrong one the first time... I guess I need to practice patience! Have a great weekend and a great week!

  3. So glad they could fix your camera!

  4. Yeahh for a camara and wonderful pictures. We had frost last night & I covered as many tomatoes as I could, I think they all survivied. Looking forward to warmer weather though! The girls cleaned house today (while I went to the dr. with a sinus infection that has knocked me down & out for the day, hopefully the antibotics will kick in quickly). Have a blessed week my frozen friend. ♥

  5. That's great that your camera is fixed. Sounds like you all had a good day.