Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bible Study Slump

I have been in a Bible study/reading slump for a few months. I was without a plan. I have done a few online studies and those were fruitful studies. But the last couple if studies they had just seemed different so I stopped.
I have been needing a plan and I revisited an old plan from years ago and now I have a plan again.
Here is what I am doing:
  Monday--Pentateuch reading
  Tuesday & Wednesday -- OT History
  Thursday--OT Prophets
  Friday--NT History
  Saturday --NT Epistles
  Sunday-- Psalms and Proverbs
I enjoy a plan,  I need a plan.
I am also reading a Mom book and there is some study along with that book as well.


  1. Sounds like a good plan. I need to get better at my bible reading too.

  2. I like your plan. I have never heard of one like it. Right now our family is reading through the Bible in 90 days. It takes about an hour a day! It's a lot, but it's a pretty good use of time. . .