Monday, May 6, 2013

The Past Week

What a week! Last Monday I attended day one of a two day curriculum fair in town. There were two speakers that I enjoyed most, Tom Clark and the fantastic Debbie Strayer and Jim Weiss, storyteller was there as well. In fact, his wife gave Judith one of his cds on the second day of the fair. She was thrilled!
I bought the core components of our curriculum for next year while at the fair. I came home and gave everything a look see. Maybe the snowflake pajama pants have something to do with the continuing snow?  
Wednesday I was glad to be home with my crew and back to our normal school day at HOME!
Elisabeth had a dental procedure on Thursday, we kept busy in the waiting room.
Just a little numb.
I finally gave Benjamin a haircut.
Levi avoids pictures, I take them anyway.
We planted seeds.
The garden is a mess but at least the snow is almost gone, I think the crew is outside clearing and cleaning up this spot as I type.
Elisabeth participated in a piano festival on Saturday, she received a silver medal
And, that brings us to today. The local used curriculum sale day.
I made a few dollars and found a couple of neat things for Benjamin.
Levi and the boys from Leadership Team selling used curriculum for a fundraiser for their Leadership Team.
I loved this tap board I found for Benjamin and so does he.
Benjamin was such a trooper today inside at the curriculum sale, he kept going between my table and the table the older three were working and we played a game and he played with my phone and he had lunch because he “looked” hungry. His new phrase which I happen to enjoy greatly. He came home and got his muddy buddy boots on and hopped on his bike and then he threw some rocks. That boy loves being outside!
The rest of the week is back to normal, for which I am abundantly thrilled.


  1. Looks like a great time, all of it. The pictures are so cute. :)

  2. Very Fun. I love book sales. And I love Elisabeth's smile too, haha. Sounds like Benjamin might be a chip off the ole daddy with liking outdoors!