Friday, May 17, 2013

May 17

Welcome to May 17th, the day I build a fire to warm up the house while snow is flurrying around outside.
Usually my husband builds fires at night just to keep the boiler from coming on to save on heating fuel costs. That usually stops around the first week of May. Not this year. Many have started calling this Macember.
This is the type of weather that really gets me down. Dreary yet light outside and chilly. I know that December-February will be dark and cold.  This gives me SAD more than winter. Fortunately,  the forecast says 60° next week. Here's to hopping they got that one right since they got this one correct.
Anyone for baseball tomorrow? Yep the baseball playing Blessings are scheduled to play tomorrow.
In other news, wacky storm systems somewhere have caused an influx of migratory birds that normally do not stop here  to stop in on our neck of the woods. And I guess there are crazy numbers and a variety of species. I wondered what was going on when I saw some snipe shore birds hanging around our puddles that I have not seen in our yard before.
Now, where's my parka, mittens and wool hat? I'm off to watch baseball or look for birds tomorrow.


  1. I almost cried today when I saw the snow coming down.

  2. I hope it will warm up, very soon for you. :)

  3. Hoping you get warm weather soon!!!

    LOVE your family picture at the top of your blog! What a beautiful family you have!