Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weekly Menu Review

Quite a few of the recipes I had on our menu were new ones that I had found, mainly from Pinterest, so I thought I would give an update of our likes, dislikes and complete failures.

Sunday-- I forgot the salt in the rolls, bleech, bleech, bleech!! The same recipe is rising on the kitchen counter so we shall see how they are with salt.
Monday--The Blessings cooked and it was delicious, but I have already mentioned that.
Tuesday--I made vegetable moose soup, I love that soup
Wednesday--Dinner was almost a complete failure, we didn't care for the meatloaf or the crockpot mac and cheese
Thursday--We stayed in town too long and went starving to Sam's Club for pizza
Saturday--Steak Dianne was okay, I ended up not using this recipe but a different one.

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