Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Curriculum fair 2010

I still have a goal of attending a large homeschool convention in the lower 48 some year soon. We tried this year for the one in Cincinnati but the timing wasn't right. Maybe next year?
But here in Fairbanks we do have the IDEA curriculum fair every April and it does help. 
This year's keynote speaker was Cindy Wiggers. I attended a few of her workshops.
Another speaker, in which I really enjoyed, was Nancy Bjorkman.
I took the kids for one session of storytelling with Jim Weiss.
And a new speaker and program to me was Adam Andrews.
My wonderful husband took Monday off of work and then ended up taking half of Tuesday off because I crazily thought I could take Benjamin with and sit through sessions....what was I thinking?

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  1. I've always wanted to at least attend a curriculum fair here in Alaska. They always have them in the spring, and it never works out when I can fly into town. Once April comes around, I start worrying about the lake ice conditions, although it's usually fine until about this time of year. I'd just hate for it to suddenly get bad and then get stuck in town through break-up. The ice doesn't usually go out until late May.

    I added you to my friends list so I'd be able to find your wonderful blog again! :)