Sunday, April 18, 2010


I almost didn't post this since our snow is pretty much gone, as is the ice as well. But, the pictures are sitting there in my photobucket account, so here goes.
A couple of weeks ago we took a family four wheeler ride.
See, here is my sweetheart and I.
Photobucket We hauled three children with us and a fourth followed on his own four wheeler. Photobucket It was quite warm that day but riding gets chilly no matter what the temperature. And finally, here is our little Benjamin when we got home, he LOVES being outside. Photobucket

It is much warmer now, the three oldest and Dad are outside playing baseball in the yard while the last of our salmon is grilling away. Hopefully it will be finished before the baby wakes from his nap because he will want to be outside.

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  1. Hooray for spring! I am glad you are warmer these days, although the pictures were fun to see.