Thursday, March 13, 2014

What a Wonderful Day

Levi built this ramp for the little boys at piano today. 

After piano we stopped at the library, when we returned home we saw our neighborhood moose were back. The calf in the road and Mama in the trees.

My guys 

I took this pick to send to my husband, I have wide feet, like I think the cartoonist used my feet as a model for Fred Flintstone wide. My right foot is slightly larger than the left. I have been struggling with foot comfort since I have been skiing. I finally started leaving the right boot unzipped, that helped a little. 

Levi and Judith joined me on tonight's ski. Yes, it was so warm today that winter gear was not needed. 

Levi pointed out the moose hair on the trail. This is where they were standing in the earlier photo.

After skiing I took a ride all by my lonesome. I am usually a passenger so this was a rare moment. I forgot how great it feels to ride. 
I also got to measure how far I am skiiing.