Monday, March 3, 2014


Oh, Monday slayed me this morning. I was downright discouraged first thing this morning. I have to agree with Benjamin when he told me Saturday night that he didn't like Sunday because it was Daddy's last day off. I agree, the weekends go too quickly.

If you have read anything around here for any time you probably know I am not a morning person but I do want to be one. I just struggle to get there. 

I also allowed the fact that I wasn't a get up and going person keep me from being an exercising person. Then it hit me that I just needed to change my mindset. Now, I get up and get school started and then I exercise. Not my favorite schedule but it is working for now.

I found this picture of Elisabeth taken by Benjamin.  

And we are off. Benjamin's skis came off four times. He ended up walking half way. I dropped him off at home and then I went out on my own.

Just the skies and me. 

My legs sure can feel the ski workout. 

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  1. What a great workout, and such pretty scenery to enjoy.