Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Today was field trip to the Army Hospital for a lesson in magnets from the MRI guy, thanks to my friend, the Queen and well her husband who arranged it all. 
After the field trip we had lunch with our friends at the Post Exchange food court. I cannot believe I did not check the Baskin Robbins for World Class Chocolate or my other favorite flavor that I can not remember but I am sure I would if I saw it. Hey, I see a girl's night out with a stop for some BR ice cream. 
Yes! I am coming out of my winter gotta focus on school and being home mode. Spring must be right around the corner. 

Speaking of spring, the days are longer and Judith and I went skiing tonight before dinner. The sky was just lovely, gray clouds except for this v shaped spot. 

Selfie time 

I am slow, Judith was so far ahead of me.

Levi made a drive by while we were out skiing.

Judith on the levy and about to ski down, she made it with out a crash!

The rest of our crew were going out to check traps as we were making our way back home. My husband said we skied a mile, I feel it in my legs. Oh, why didn't I start this process earlier this winter? Oh well, I am going now. 
Read about skiing. I forgot how wonderful a workout this was. I may not be able to get out of bed tomorrow but I feel great tonight! 
I would say I am at the recreational almost brisk phase. 


  1. Shall I "sponsor" a girls night ice cream run?

  2. AWESOME!! Better late than never. Is that a public ski path? Can you walk it in the summer?