Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ending of the Week

Friday evening I stayed around at the pool since it was picture day and I had no clue how that would go. I knitted and worked on creating a bullet journal. Google it if it interests you, I am a pen and paper, list maker. I look forward to sharing more as I go along. I plan on finding a different, smaller journal but I am just using what I have for the time being.

Saturday mornings are usually slow and include a BIG breakfast. Here is the biscuit dough beginning, before the hands got dirty.

Saturday also included cutting and stacking all this wood for next winter. Daddy and the Blessings worked many hours on this big job. I worked an hour and a half with them, then I returned back inside for dinner prep, bread making, Sunday lunch prep and kitchen cleaning up. 
I made barbecue sauce, moose roast for pulled moose, potato salad, cole slaw and homemade buns. 
Now to get a quick shower before everyone comes in to get ready for church in the morning. They are all out enjoying playing after a hard day of work. Thankful for longer days and the willow trees are beginning to bloom. Spring time is a comin'!

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  1. You are making the most of your longer days for sure!!!