Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Benjamin has daily questions he asks each morning to determine what day of the week it is and what he will be eating for breakfast. This morning, he asked his daily question then he said, "I think I need a kiss." Not the norm from our little guy. So, I kissed him and made sure he didn't have a fever because he is stuffy, which was what he informed me of after he asked for a kiss.

Waffles, the answer to the question, "What's for breakfast?" Well, the kids had waffles, I had a smoothie with chia seeds. Every time I pour the seeds in I say, "ch-ch-cha-chia" in my head. Growing up with a constant stream of television does not do a mind good.

In other news, snow is falling today. Believe it or not, I still find falling snow beautiful even after twenty years of Alaskan winters. Speaking of winter, this winter has been amazingly mild and a great respite from a normal Alaskan winter.

Sledding was fun for the crew and a few more today. I skiied while they were sledding so that worked out well.

Today was the coldest ski yet since there was snow, wind, and clouds. I missed the sunny ski weather I have been experiencing, usually I get so warm I have to take n gloves off. Not today. Temperatures were still mild it just wasn't sunny today. 

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