Thursday, September 22, 2011

Putting up Food

August left many wondering if summer would be ending sooner than later. I kept telling people that it would be fine and that we would have some nice days yet. We have had a beautiful fall, I dare say the best fall in 18 years, maybe.
I have enjoyed canning and freezing garden produce or anything I can pick or buy. I have shown the pickles, dill pickles may not be my thing, I have made some jam, canned green beans, and put anything that can be frozen in the freezer. I might even try to can potatoes to extend their life. There is cabbage that is being made into sauerkraut, that is a new one for me.


  1. Next year, I hope to join you in these canning adventures. I only put up a few quarts of green beans, and some fireweed jelly....but watch out next year! ;)

  2. Looks like you've been busy. Glad you could get it all canned.

  3. We made sauerkraut in my college biology class, I think. Or we tried to. :) I think I'll leave that to the factory.

  4. Good job Melissa. I'm in the canning mode right now too. Wow, sauerkraut, that I haven't tried - probably because no one would eat it here. I come from a German family, so my folks at it a lot, but somehow I didn't get the sauerkraut gene. :)