Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just now

Oh my, just now I opened the cover of book a friend dropped off today when she dropped her blessings off to play with my blessings. This is a big rabbit trail....My Judith(our third blessing) and her oldest are the same age. She has three blessings which if you can follow my horrible writing makes three. My children play well with her children. Right now three girls and in the bedroom playing school and three (two boys and one girl) are outside in the backyard. I am thankful that my older blessings do not have the "I'm too old to play with them" attitude (which I would quickly adjust). They are playing joyfully because they do not have the "social" stigma of being in a classroom day after day year after year with only their age group.
Now back to the book. So this morning I have been making cookies, oatmeal fruit bars, bread, baking squash and sweet know, too much at once! So, I was walking into the kitchen reading the first few pages of the book and looked at the counter to see my bread bowl laying on its side where left it after hanging up the phone from talking to my wonderful husband and getting Benjamin cleaned up after his lunch. So, the bread got a little extra rest time and I am thankful that it didn't "rise" out into the floor.

Now I must go clean the kitchen and work on some house cleaning....I'd rather be baking.


  1. Sounds all so yummy. I know what you mean by rather be baking than cleaning. [0;


  2. I can imagine the whole scene! And I know what you mean about your older kids playing with younger kids. My kids don't really care the age. Grace actually prefers younger kids because they are not "socialized" yet. Your baking sounds wonderful.

  3. You certainly had a busy day! It all really does sound yummy! So, how did your family like the oatmeal fruit bars? Our apples are disappearing fast, so I'm going to slice up some for a batch tomorrow with maple sugar and see how that turns out.
    God bless,

  4. Ditto the baking! It's much more fun than cleaning, but sometimes cleaning is the only exercise I get! I'm right there with you on kids not picking up "age segregation". Just one more reason to have them home. in HIM, Gin at Doehill