Thursday, February 25, 2010

A post for my friends(you know who you are)

My day:
I woke up and didn't feel like doing anything so I took a shower and finished up by hearing baby awake. Threw on my robe and got him up  and changed. Got the eggs out of the fridge and sat baby and eggs on the counter while I got out the griddle. Made eggs and toast for the kids and smashed up some banana and avacado for baby. I ate and read blogs while he and I ate. Oldest boy woke up and ate while listening to a book on his mp3 player while my girls slept longer. After baby and I were finished eating I hollered for the girls to get up as I walked past their room to take the baby to the bathroom for his bath. They got up and ate their cold breakfast although I think one heated their's up in the microwave. Oh, baby wandered around the house for a few minutes before his bath while I put on real clothes. The kids finished breakfast and got dressed and we had our morning meeting where I read some of our school books and give the days assignments. I gave a spelling test or two and helped with some school work but I got up and began to wander around the house trying to figure out what was most important to do today. I left the kids to work on their school work and I began laundry and something else, can't remember what besides keeping baby busy and occupied.
Fed baby lunch and got him down for a nap. I then started cooking breakfast burritos so Elisabeth could put them together and wrap them. I ate a bowl of potato soup then, I filled the dishwasher and started it for the second time today. I began dinner prep while Benjamin was sleeping still wondering who was going to straighten up this house if I was doing this cooking, so I made a deal told two kids they couldn't go outside until A, B, and C was finished cleaning wise. I hurried to finish kitchen duty before baby woke up, didn't happen. My dining room looked like an obstacle course and if someone tried to get in the front door they would have tripped over things that the baby has strewn all over the floor. Why didn't I put him  in the backpack? Don't know.
After the cooking I hurriedly picked up a few things and quickly vacuumed the floors and sat down for a couple of minutes to check on Judith who was not feeling well. I then emptied the dishwasher so dinner dishes could go in.
I have dead roses on my dining room table still, I have paper clutter surrounding me at my desk, I haven't dusted or mopped. Perfect NO, boring, YES, hard work YES. Worth every bit of it, YES. Will I do the same thing tomorrow? Kind of yes and kind of no. It will be similar but different. What is sauce?
O walked in the door and I got them settled with dinner and I walked out the door. I am thankful that O will clean the kitchen after they eat. Because he did!
Now, I am off to spend a few minutes with my husband who is on the phone with his hunting buddy.

May the Lord find us faithful.


  1. Very good! Once, I attempted to do a time study like I used to have to do when I worked. It was very interesting. We do so much everyday, we moms.


  2. Baby days are hard. Your day does sound productive though despite the chaos. :) I've discovered a set of toys in one of those six foot playpens gives a nice 1/2 hour to hour reprieve. I can fold laundry nearby or pick up the house without her unpicking it up.