Friday, June 12, 2009


It has been busy here lately...summer usually is. I am working on getting the inside cleaned and decluttered and what is left...organized. I realized after clearing out my bedroom and cleaning the carpet that I needed a couple of underbed containers for a few items. Then, I realized that now that we have bunk beds in both blessing bedrooms that I have room under there for storage! I bought and filled a few today with soon to be worn baby clothes and other items needing a home! Yahoo! I will have room for sheets and blankets and toys and seasonal clothing all nicely hidden yet easily accessible!!!!!!! I am thrilled. I am very easily thrilled, I know it is sad but it is my reality.

My husband had the camera with him while fishing today and you don't know how many times I wanted to grab the camera for a picture.

Blessing #4 is cruising around the house in his little walker, he goes everywhere and it is so funny to see his little feet and legs moving. He is such a good baby.

I started doing a little planning tonight for school. We will take a little time off after we return from our trip to the lower 48 then we will begin again. I love Ambleside Online but I really enjoy chronological history study (the one thing I use from the Classical Education research I have done) so tonight I found where we will be in history for next school year. I enjoy Charlotte Mason's teachings and methods so I will strive toward her ways this next year as well.

We are still doing a little schooling here and there but this week has been a little less than past weeks. The weather has been too nice and we have had a little more time out of the home the past two weeks as well.

On another note, I have been admiring the yellow daisies along the highway and wishing to have we drove a different way home and I saw some right next to our house on a side road that we haven't explored lately. I was estatic! I plan to go attempt to dig a few up for my flower bed and cut a few for my enjoyment. Everything wild is blooming right now...iris, wild roses, potentila and so much more! The garden is greening up a little and the rhubarb is huge!!! Yummy food is coming soon!


May the Lord find us faithful.

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