Monday, June 15, 2009



 Our days have been filled with work, work and more work and lots of play as well.

The first picture is of our baby blessing enjoying some time with Dad upon Dad's arrival home from work. This is a special time for Dad and all blessings.

JUNE2009021.jpg serious boy picture by kaysmarmey

This is what happens when one has older siblings:

JUNE2009028.jpg scholar picture by kaysmarmey

The Robin's eggs hatched and she has babies, they are growing quickly. This poor robin built her nest right next to my clothes line and she has great stress the entire time I am hanging and retrieving laundry.

JUNE2009030.jpg baby robins picture by kaysmarmey

We have been meeting friends at different play grounds around town each week. Last week most of our blessings were able to pile on but not all.

JUNE2009033.jpg lots of kiddos picture by kaysmarmey

Here is baby blessing and his little friend sitting together after they both had lunch. It was a windy day, see that baby girl's hair blowing in the wind? That is precious.

JUNE2009043.jpg gettting to know one another picture by kaysmarmey

Here is one last picture that was taken today, Blessing #4 was 6 months old today! Here he is with big brother. I am so thankful for my helpful older blessings, they love to hold and watch while I do quick little jobs around the house.

JUNE2009061.jpg Walking brothers picture by kaysmarmey

May the Lord find us faithful.

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  1. Glad to hear it is warming up for you up there. Park days are fun. It is very nice when older sibs can help with the youngest. :-)