Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And further more....

When I posted on our fish packaging and ended up delving into our family child rearing choices it really sparked some further thoughts. A good thing as I have had a difficult time lately getting some things into perspective and trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. Some times life goes and we feel as though we cannot be where we think we should be. Major problem there with "where we think we should be" part, I cannot have my own agenda alone. I should have a plan but then I must lay my plan out before God and give it to Him to and accept what He deems necessary for my life. We had an excellent learning opportunity today. I had overbooked my time and my blessings missed out on something they were looking forward to, they had to see that even though it didn't happen they had no right to pout and whine. We must be content even when we don't know why we didn't get what we want. We must see that often we must do what has to be done instead of what we want to do. My husband is a worker, a very hard worker, so therefore, most of our play is work. Think about it... the man works all day at work and then there is the work at home, then there are his hobbies; hunting(work), fishing (work), and then the things that must be done working on home repairs and maintance and then the work he does for widows in our church and work around the church building and housing and occasionally the vehicles. I am exhausted just thinking about it. I go back to the whole entertainment issue, we as a nation are entertaining ourselves to death, literally. Way too many hours are spent watching tv, movies, computer time, video games, going to entertainment venues, you name it. Are those things in themselves bad? NO, not at all. It is the amount of time we put on those things, the importance they hold in our lives. What is more important? Checking blog stats, bloglines, facebook, or spending time in prayer and reading the word of God, what about reading to our children, playing with them, investing time in their lives while they are ready to be taught? Think of a little baby, they completely depend upon others to meet their needs, once they become more independent do we just let them decide what they need, I hope not, we guide them, we still make many choices until they can see the why(s) of our doings. I have often had to remind myself why my blessings do not complete tasks, often they just need a little more on the job training before that chore or task can be independently done. 

Now, I must go sleep as tomorrow is to be sunny and warm again. Yipee!!


May the Lord find us faithful.

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  1. I find myself having to re-think these things often. It's so easy to just be lazy, then realize one hasn't really accomplished anything worthwhile.