Monday, October 23, 2006

Our snow is finally here

Greetings from the now snowy Alaska!!! We have had fun out in the snow the past two days. I think they were our there for two hours after school today, now two are watching Monday night football and one is with me drawing with markers(she does not like football as much as the others, or she really likes me) and we are all warming up with some hot cocoa.

School resumed as normal this morning. All are doing well and moving forward as they should be.

May the Lord find us faithful.



  1. I am sorry I have not been on the computer now for a few weeks. Life is crazy around the house as we are getting ready for our trip. All the last minute things, and trying to winterize the house. The kids & I had to go out to town today. All I have to say is that I love how Alaska looks with all the snow.... but not the crazy roads until we get the deep freeze. Waking up the other morning and looking outside, (when the sun finially came up!) was an amazing site, Alaska is such a great place to be able to call home!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the suggestion for the trip. We will do our best to check it out while down in TN/Ky area. I will drop a short line here when we get back, or maybe while on vacation. Enjoy the great new season that we have, and have a few great weeks. Talk to you soon. Denice

  2. Hey! I really like this BLOG thing! hee hee! I know I am going to be addicted to it!! But, it actually is nice to read that someone else goes through the same things....and even better...has found some solutions!!! YEAH! Keep it up!!! You are the BOMB!!

    Love ya,

    Leigh Ann