Monday, July 13, 2015

Always Remember

Take a picture with your children when heading out on a road trip

Get a picture going over the bridge at the Tanana River and where the Trans-Alaska pipeline also crosses the same river, even  when you have lived in Alaska for twenty-two years

Take pictures of the beautiful Alaska scenery, every trip

Stop and take a picture of the girls in front of the Rainbow Mountans

Take more pictures of the Rainbow Mountains

When stopped at road construction is a great time to eat a lunch consisting of a low carb tortilla wrap with lettuce out of the garden

Picking up the oldest son when the river is high and his employer shuts down the fishing charter for a few days is a great way to spend the day

Having all the Blessings at home is a really good thing 

My heart is full


  1. Great Pictures, and wow what scenery

  2. Beautiful hardly describes them!!