Friday, July 31, 2015

A Little Garden Update

The garden is busy maturing and we are enjoying a few added goods to the family table. Peas are everywhere. 

I found a good sized cucumber and lots of baby cukes.

The green beans are ready but have to wait until later in the week for picking. We did eat green beans from the garden Frisay night, so yummy!

We have the hillbilly high tunnel, which is a greenhouse type structure except you plant directly into the ground. We have green beans, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and I started some new lettuce in there last week as an experiment to see how long we can extend the season with our high tunnel. 


  1. All your plants look GREAT Melissa! You will have to take a picture of your hoop greenhouse too! Happy Canning My Friend!

  2. Great job! I find myself starting to lose interest in my garden this time of the year. Maybe I need a fall crop of something. The tomatoes are almost done.