Thursday, June 4, 2015


My Judith is traveling to the middle of nowhere Alaska with her Dad to drop her brother off to work for the summer on a river salmon charter.

She is also a Trim Healthy Girl, by choice, so she and I planned a few meals and snacks to keep her on plan while she is gone. I had just had a THM freezer cooking session with my THM group and I had a perectly sized meal for
her to take. I also grilled up some chicken and made a couple of containers of salad and some salad dressing for her to take along. She took cheese, yogurt, cottage berry whip, tea bags, stevia, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice and almonds. She is set for two days away from home to the middle of nowhere Alaska. So proud of her. She feels better when she eats on plan so that makes for a better trip. That doesn't mean she will not eat any other foods while she is away but she has what she needs. 

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  1. The berry swirl is my favorite! Good for her. Great job, both of you. Oh my, your son away all summer? I will pray for you!