Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Very Good Kind of Tired

Today was a stellar day. You see I have been quite lazy for quite some time. I have also had very little energy. For too long to recollect I have been treading water, barely keeping up with the daily to dos. I was educating my children, making dinner and doing laundry. Now, those things are work but I was barely doing those things. I ended every.single.day exhausted. Here I am at eleven o'clock pm still awake and getting ready to tell what happened around here today and I am not exhausted, just a good kind of tired. I also have wonderful daughters who do many wonderful things so I can do the work and they even help me with the work. I also have a six year old with a cold this week so he is laying low and watching movies. It isn't as though I did all this work alone but the sheer quantity of work that happened today amazed me.
1. I went out to the high tunnel and weeded three rows before the heat of the day and then watered the gardens.
2. Did three loads of laundry.
3. Cleaned the windows inside and out, except for two that I need to get the inside cleaned tomorrow.
4. Washed two vans.
5. Deep cleaned the master bathroom.
6. Bible study
7. Cleaned out my van.
8. Cleaned the inside windows and dash, etc. of van.
9. Vacuumed and cleaned the upholstery and carpet in the van.

I do not post this list to brag, I am amazed at how I am no longer stuck barely getting by. Everyday is not this productive domesticly but every day is not a home day.

I want my Blessings to know work, work is a necessary part of life. We do life together as we work together. I fear many American parents feel as though they must entertain their children and provide them with fun family activities. What is up with that? Just because we live in Alaska and the temperature reaches 80 degrees does not mean we must head to a lake or river for fun. Many warm summer days have been spent in the yard with sprinklers, homemade slip and slides and picnic lunches and popsicles. That is real life people!

Seriously, typing out this list is surreal. Losing forty pounds sure does make a difference in energy levels. Spending a few days at home this week without running hither and yon is priceless as well. There truly is no place like home.

*I only took a few pictures today to send to my Levi so he can see what he is missing while he is off working away from home this summer. You, dear reader, get to see one of the pics.

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