Monday, June 22, 2015

It's All How You Look At It

Life, attitude, mindset it really is how you look at it. One can look at my garden picture below and choose to see only the abundant chickweed or one can look at it as I do and see the harvest to come, and the radishes that are ready to be picked and the lettuce that should be ready next week. I see plates, jars and freezer bags full of yummy, organic, home grown veggies.
This carries over to Trim Healthy Mama. Some look at how I choose to eat and see only what I do not eat. Some see deprivation, I see abundant food choices. You see, I avoid sugar now and I am more than fine with that. Cake at a fellowship, no problem because I have eaten abundant, yummy, filling food with no sugar spike and no weight gain. A baby shower coming up this week, no problem. I will eat an S dinner before attending and then I will enjoy a few snacks, but I am never deprived. Sugar and processed foods just are not my food any more. And, I am more than fine with that. There isn't even a pull to those things at all. For that, I am thankful.
Our summer has been hot, heat in an Alaskan summer means forest fires and forest fires mean smokey air. It isn't fun, but I am not going to complain about it. I am enjoying each clear day and each day that I can only smell a faint smokiness and see a distant haze, because it could be worse. I have enjoyed the warm days and soaking up the vitamin D and being hot, yes, even being hot because It isn't always the norm. Last summer was wet and very cool. Alaskan weather always keeps us guessing. Alaska living has taught me to be prepared and to enjoy each day and each season and each spell because you never know what is going to happen in fifteen minutes.
Now, excuse me, I must go get ready for whatever today may bring.


  1. I think I read somewhere that chickweed is super nutritious. You might want to can it for winter. :) And yes, focusing on all the things we can eat is important. When I was just low carb, that was really hard. When I added THM E meals, the sky opened up all of a sudden. Really, there are so many things to try that it is hard to get to them all.