Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Imperfect Life

Those of us who choose to write our lives out for others to read and view often only show the picture perfect pictures. 
I want to show the perfectly imperfect moments of life. 

My wonderful husband had a two day class in Anchorage, Alaska so he went to the Cabela's store there, of course. Have you met my husband?? Well, he is Mr. Outdoors, I love that about him.
He brought everyone back a hat and a shirt. The girls got sweatshirt jackets and they are so cute. I can wear Elisabeth's but I will not wear unless there is an emergency circumstance. 

I hope Judith forgives me for sharing her eyes shut picture but it shows life, real life moments where I had a certain teenage boy take pictures and he only took a few and never gave us warnings, thus no blog worthy pictures. I love him though. 
Oh, and Benjamin, well, he never stands still, enough said. 

Yesterday, we had friends over for lunch. Somehow we have only had enough bowls for the breakfast cereal for a few and the lunch for ten. By dinner time I decided to have lunch leftovers no normal sized bowls clean so I ate my soup out of a measuring cup.

Benjamin's corner office. He is posting pictures on the wall and there always seems to be something in the floor. And, I love this. 

While my husband was away something happened to the toilet in the master bathroom so this is what my man brought home for me today. Toilet is being fixed as I post.

Thanks for reading about my perfectly imperfect life.


  1. When did your daughter grow taller than you? I am now the shortest in my family, and I am 5'8"! So glad you have a sweet husband who is handy. B's office is cute!

    1. She passed my height long ago. I am only 5'1" Judith will probably stay around my height as she has my body build. E is built like my husband's family and has the height, she is about 5'7"ish.
      I am so thankful for his handiness.

  2. We all have those imperfections looming around! Mine right now is a pile of curriculum catalogs.