Saturday, March 14, 2015

Blackbeard the Pirate

I just happened to be working upstairs when the cast came up for their pre show lunch break. I was able to get pictures of each of my actors in their costumes, premakeup.

Judith as Lt. Maynard

Benjamin as a parrot.

The entire cast of Blackbeard the Pirate 
The beach bums

My parrot on stage
Cast party and shirt signing.
 A cute six year old moment. Benjamin's group was first out of 
the dressing rooms and costume return line so he was eating before the oldest cast members completed their costume return. He looked up at me and asked where the party was. I guess all the party decorations and party food wasn't his definition of party.
Elisabeth as a beach bum and a friend that was a pirate.

This was our second opportunity to participate in a Missoula Children's Theatre production and I highly recommend this process. Six days from audition to production and great people to work with. 

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