Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Everyday abounds with blessing. Every.single.day. Even the tough days have blessings hidden somewhere in the messy toughness. Sometimes the blessings have to be searched for, hunted out like hidden treasures. Treasures are special. 

Some days are fun days with visits to brand new store openings and waxed eyebrows and new makeup. 

Somedays are full of sunshine and warmth and following behind two out of five of your favorite people. Sometimes you watch your husband help a lady out of a deep snow stuck mess and you see the blessing of a hard working, kind hearted man who just happens to be one of the biggest blessings.

Somedays are days of Monday that begin beautifully with great ideas and hearts full of love of Christ work ideas and future plans.
Mondays of sunshine and sitting outside. There is also blessing in the hard parts of Monday, growing pains and hearts in need of love and encouragement. There is blessing even in the ugly because from the ugly comes healing and new growth. 

 In the challenges there is opportunity to help grow children that live faithfully as truth-transformed adults.

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