Friday, March 27, 2015


Friday is my weigh in day with my THM accountability group so I guess Friday will be my day to post about my journey on the blog. 
As of today I have lost twenty-two pounds since my start date. The whole taking pictures and documenting the loss seems odd to me but I know I will be glad once I get to the finish line to have these photographic reminders.

I had to take this shirt in a couple of inches on each side. I am not ready to buy new clothes, especially long sleeve items. I took two shirts in last night and two supportative undergarments to make due until the size difference begs for something smaller. I do plan on getting a new church outfit for spring. Other than that I am holding out for the next size down because that is coming up really quickly. 

Also, I am not wearing white socks, that is a furry lining in my shoe.

The photo successes this week; I am wearing make-up, my hair is actually done and clothes are not hang around the house clothes. I should have chosen a different shirt but we shall see what I come up with next week.