Monday, April 14, 2014


Benjamin has had quite the winter. He has been riding the snow machine on his own now for a month. Saturday I get this picture sent to me while Dad had the crew out on the machines. Benjamin's face is no longer a baby face, he is growing up just as quickly as the other three did.

I am learning that Benjamin's love language is time spent with him doing something. I have been purposeful the past couple of weeks to make time for just he and I to do things and I have beefed up his "school" time. And boy, oh boy, that little guy has been so different with me since I began being purposeful. He sits with me, opens doors, helps me out of the van, holds my hand into church, hugs on me and just lovin'on Mom, which has not been his way for some time since he has been of preschool, independent age.


  1. This pic just tickles me. It is so very Alaskan.

  2. He really has grown up, and what a sweet thing! The pic is so Alaska!