Monday, April 21, 2014

In which I post a video and go to a Conference

I made a quick video on the way to the conference this morning. Here ya go, now I am  coming to ya via video too. 

This morning I was up and out early for the curriculum fair, I prefer conference. The big home school program in Alaska puts this shindig on and I try to attend every year to hear the speakers and get a good ole shot in the arm of keep it up and you can do this. It helps, it really helps. And, I get to visit with friends in between workshop sessions.

Nicely labeled picture.


Debra Bell was the keynote speaker. I enjoyed her sessions today. 

Benjamin had a backpack with toys to occupy himself during sessions. He also stood in line for forty-five minutes for a balloon sword. 

The boys have opted out of going back for day two and that is probably a good thing as Benjamin is starting a spring cold or allergies. Poor Buddy has that wraspy voice, sneezing and the cough is starting. 

My lunch is packed and I am ready to go back for day two with my girls.

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