Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Goings on

The weekend here begins on Thursday night, we played Pictionary and Apples to Apples.
Elisabeth waiting on everyone to gather around.
                                                        Judith made her way to the game.

                                I played around with the panoramic setting on my phone. I captured everyone  
                                             but Benjamin, the blur didn't make it into the shot.

       My sweetheart and I taking what we call an usie, since there is more than one self in the picture.
                                             Judith waiting for something during the game.
                        Friday consisted of a morning of school and then swim practice                                           and  then off to a camp fundraiser dinner/auction.

                         Saturday, Daddy took the kids snowmachine riding and target shooting while I stayed home in complete silence and baked bread and did a little cleaning. 

Elisabeth made these pint sized chocolate meringue pies when she returned home from the day out and Judith made egg rolls, which we did not photograph for some reason. Oh, yeah, we were eating them too quickly.

Sunday: Church, baseball assessments for Elisabeth, lunch at home with friends, back to church, home for popcorn and bedtime.

Monday afternoon with my Sweetheart Buddy. I love five!

Benjamin and I had a tough time staying inside this afternoon, he found a ball that had spent the winter under the snow. We walked the dog and talked and walked some more. 

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