Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Where I am at this point in life

Life is full, busy with daily jobs of laundry and meals and cleaning with added late summer jobs of preserving garden goodness for winter days.  Cause I am not much on cooking this summer. Food has been simple and whatever is quick and handy. Garden goodies have inspired renewed interest in the kitchen but the time to preserve is now.
Today I canned seven quarts of green beans. There are more beans out there still growing for picking on another day with much prayer of growth to maturity for many as we would love to have many jars of green beans lining the cabinets.

We are growing more than garden vegetables around here though. We are attempting to grow hearts and that is challenging work requiring much cultivation. All of us are learning and growing. We are learning to love God and love our neighbor.
Lately, I keep coming back to the writings of Sally Clarkson. What a blessing her books and blog are for this Mom's heart. Tonight I am reading from The Mission of Motherhood about eternal treasures. I am reminded to set the heart choices on eternal results.  Set the heart that struck a cord with me. An action is required, set the heart.


  1. All your little hearts are so sweet!

  2. Sounds like you are in the best place to be. Busy with and working for your family. :)