Monday, August 26, 2013

My first faux pas of the 2013-2014 school year

Yep, already Mom has failed to plan ahead. I ordered preprinted notebook journals for school this year and planned on getting them spiral bound at the printer place. Well, slacker Mom took them in on Sunday for binding. These pages have been sitting at my house since mid July and not bound yet. The first day of school was a light day because of the mess up.
The blessing is that I forgot to ask for right side binding for the ease of my lefty, Elisabeth. I called this morning and was able to ask for that before the binding work had been done. Despite my not planning ahead we had a great first day of school and tomorrow we begin at full course load.


  1. Stuff like that happens. Love the photos of your kiddos on the first day! And what a creative idea of binding on the right for a lefty. My lefty is graduated, so the tip is too late for me, but I'll have to remember that in case it ever becomes useful. haha I just decided to switch gears for Anna's art curriculum and ordered it the other day, so hopefully it will arrive before we start school on 9/5. Have a great school week! How many beans have you canned and are you done?

    1. Last night I finished with beans, 44 quarts total. Thankful for beans and thankful that they are finally in jars and the canning of beans is complete.

  2. I had a few things to do on our first day also. Make a copy of a schedule, pick up a printed workbook. But it all came together, it always does. :)