Sunday, August 25, 2013


School is supposed to start for our crew on Monday, August 26 and this is my kitchen tonight. Frost arrived and left me picking furiously Saturday night and covering what is still out there. The geese are heading south and that means fall is in the air. So, tonight I am canning green beans and chopping celery for the freezer. Thankful for food to preserve and that children expect no bells and whistles for the first day of school.


  1. Yeah, the early frost caught us too!

  2. Great garden bounty this year! I am woefully behind in my blogging with starting school and keeping the house show ready. This too shall pass. I wish The Queen would teach my kids science, too. I am sure she will make it more intetesting than my attempts.

  3. Wow, frost already. Looks like you are getting everything done that you need to. :)