Thursday, August 15, 2013


I enjoy days when I see accomplishments, today was one of those days.
We emptied and sorted and reshelved items from the school closet. Benjamin was my #1 helper today. Much of the school closet was preschool activities so he had a blast. I sorted books and curriculum and we are close to formal lesson beginning day. August 26 is the projected start date. Piano and a science class begin next week so we will be getting our feet wet with these two classes.
Levi brought in this nice sized carrot today. Can't wait to pick and preserve the carrots for winter eating.
This evening we went to pick the abundance of a generous couple's garden. They harvest what they need and get others to pick the rest. Such a blessing to this green bean eating family. The girls broke a big bowl full while I worked on printing for school. I will be putting the first batch in the canner in a few minutes.
Love all this food preserving!


  1. Awesome! Don't forget, you share too!

  2. That is great. Looks like you are getting a lot of things canned. :)