Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I let my Blessings sleep until they woke up because Levi and Elisabeth have whatever Benjamin had last week.
Benjamin enjoyed some quiet play time with blankets, pillows and stuffed animals this morning.
Benjamin and I had to make a quick trip to North Pole for banking and picking up a few items from the grocery store. Benjamin mentioned that he and I rarely go anywhere alone and he is correct. After we returned home we took the dog for a walk. We saw snow shoe hare tracks, talked of dog toileting issues and just had a good walk with the dog.
Today our curriculum called for whittling soap with a manicure stick. Well, my older blessings all have knives and have whittled so I said save the soap for washing and get a piece of wood and whittle. So, Judith may be finished with her school or maybe not since I haven't checked her work yet. Better go do that!
All in all, not too bad for a Monday.

Snow shoe hare tracks
Judith whittling 
 Playing with stuffed animals. There was a Mommy, Daddy and children (shildren). Hmm? A four year old can get it right...
 Benjamin made tracks with sticks. We read The Snowy Day a few weeks ago. This looks a lot like the marks made by the boy in the book.
 Benjamin and I walking the dog
 More play
 We are still snow covered.
Just a view from my chair picture 


  1. What did they whittle?

    1. Judith just took the bark off of a stick and Elisabeth had a spoon started but she needs better tools. Going to the hardware store soon. I am not great of follow through I am open ended for the extras.

  2. Sounds like a good day, and fun. I can't believe how much snow you still have. :)