Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Big Project Complete

My oldest three Blessings are part of the leadership team with our homeschool program. Usually this just entails twice monthly meetings and a service project (like K-4th grade gym) per month, but the kids just finished up a huge fundraising project. One of the seniors, and president of the leadership team, was diagnosed with a rare cancer this year so the leadership team planned this event. Our leadership teacher and another teacher worked out an amazing fundraiser with the kids. Dinner and a silent auction. I was amazed. Last word we received last night after all receipts were totaled was that about $10,000 was raised. What a blessing this will be to the family to help with multiple surgeries and treatments.

The girls looking at auction tables.


Judith donated earrings that she had made.


Last minute preparations.


More auction tables


Levi had to give a speech and make a couple of introductions.


Benjamin wanted to bid on this Lion, he made the highest bid, he was happy.



  1. Our boys match again. Caleb has that same scentsy lion.

  2. What a great way to help, and that is quite a lot that was raised. :)