Thursday, April 18, 2013

Joy in a Home Educating Mother's Heart

Tonight my heart is joy-filled. I was knitting and Elisabeth was doodling on the dry erase board when she said, "Mom, give me an order of operations." When Elisabeth finished her math book in December I changed curriculums for her. Our curriculum is a linear curriculum and I LOVE that fact. This curriculum is a perfect fit for Levi but not the girls. I ordered Math on the Level for Elisabeth and it is working well for her. I started her with some areas she enjoyed but needed to build upon what she knows and we have gone from there. The program is teacher intensive but not so much at her level as it will be at a beginning level. She is also creating a math journal to use as a personal reference. I hope to share more of our math journey as we go along. But tonight I am just as happy as can be.
Judith is starting Teaching Textbooks math in the fall unless I change my mind between now and ordering time. Life of Fred, must find time to use Life of Fred.
Benjamin is along for the ride and I will use lots of books, manipulatives, games and use Math on the Level for a basic guide for his beginning math learning.


  1. Success stories are always such an encouragement. So glad you are finding what works for you. :)

  2. Love it. And love the white board!