Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Happy Home Educating Mother

I am thankful for the opportunity to attend a home school convention here in Alaska, small as it may be. Some day I hope to attend a "real" conference in the lower 48. Back to the conference. I had a mission as soon as the doors to the exhibit hall opened and that mission was to find the Geography Matters table and speak with Debbie Strayer, one of the authors of Trailguide to Learning. Upon locating her, I extended a whole hearted thank you to her for writing a curriculum that is what I have been trying to put together (unsuccessfully) for years. And I thanked her for the best home school year we have had in a long time.
I came home today refreshed mentally and ready to continue on this journey.
I was also able to purchase the display curriculum they had there because they didn't want to pay to ship it back. So, for a while tonight I am looking ahead to next year and doing a little mental preparation. I love it!
I also think I have encouraged four to five people to start using Trailguide, and here I thought I couldn't sell anything.


  1. I really like Geography Matters stuff!!! It's always so fun digging into next year and discovering new books!!! Love the picture!

  2. It is so great when we find curriculum that works for us. That is great you were able to talk to the author. :)

  3. I'm like a kid in a candy store when my book boxes come!