Thursday, December 3, 2009


It is a good thing Jenn left me a comment this morning! Note to Jenn: My husband says she is my twin!

I have been meaning to post all week. I do not have picutures to post so this will be a wordful post!

It has been a different week. Monday we made cookies and treats all day for our Ladies' Tea at church with Mrs. L. We had a great time and enjoyed Mrs. L for the day since we haven't had her for a while. Her job is busy during November and December so hopefully we can begin our weekly days in January.

We made sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, dipped pretzel rods and oreos(made to look like snowman heads), chocolate peanut butter cups and Mrs. L went home and made about three more things to put with it(she says they were quick and easy so I hope that is the case).

Tuesday was piano and a little grocery shopping.

Yesterday was our first school day since last Monday. Next week should be normal and the next week should be almost normal. Then after that we will take our Christmas break. Speaking of Christmas, I do not have decoration one up. I am looking to purchase a new tree but I have not found just the right one yet and since I will probably have it for at least ten years I want to find one that I will be happy with for a while. Hopefully I will find one tomorrow.

I hope to make some cookies this afternoon as we didn't keep much of what we made on Tuesday.

When am I finding time to type this? Little Baby Blessing is eating finger food now so while he sits next to me and eats his lunch I can type!!!!!

Tomorrow the older blessings and one of us parents will be attending the Nutcracker Ballet. The girls and I went two years ago so I was surprised when they all wanted to attend, even Blessing #1. So, off we go! I really hope my husband goes and Baby Blessing and I can do some shopping while they are at the ballet. But we will see.

Well, this has been a sporatic post but sporatic is where I live right now. I am not getting used to it so hopefully I can move on soon.


May the Lord find us faithful.

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  1. Have a wonderful time. Grace and I attended the Nutcracker a few years ago. I can see how boys might like some of the action. It's good for them to go anyway. :-) Thanks for posting.