Saturday, November 7, 2009


Here I am on Saturday about to head off to bed. It has been a full but relaxing day. I do have one question? Do you realize how much work clothing is? I have 4 Precious Blessings and that adds up to alot of clothing. I don't buy much but I do have to buy a few things, some clothing comes by way of hand me downs, I do a little thrift shopping and a little retail sale shopping, some comes in wonderful packages in the mail from Nana(I love these). 

Work created by clothing:

  • Laundry....multiple loads daily around here

  • Sorting of seasonal and worn out and too small clothing

  • Finding someone or some place to pass on used clothing(I have 2 boxes and two bags next to the front door right now to pass on and take to the resale shop)

  • Buying or making new clothing ===I would love to make more clothing but I am barely taking care of the daily life requirements at this time...soon, I will sew, the girls are at the age to begin learning.

  • I am sure there is more.....

Now, I am happy for all this clothing work because it means:

  • I have people here that need clothing, precious little people that call me Mommy and oh, that little guy who is learning to say Ma-Ma, sounds more like Mu-Mu, I don't care what he/they call me as long as they call me!

  • I have the health and energy to take care of the clothing needs for these people

  • They have clothes to wear....we lack nothing, need nothing, want very, very little

  • I know how to sew even though I don't do any right now, I have a sewing machine.

Speaking of those little people, they are all bathed and tucked into their beds and the only noise I hear is the heat running through the pipes and the DRYER!!!

Are you prepared to Worship tomorrow?....Sunday's worship preparations begin on Saturday.

I am going to go do a little more preparing then off to sleepy by land.

May the Lord find us faithful.

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  1. Laundry is one thing I just don't mind doing. You might even say I enjoy it! Cleaning the shower is another story, oh, and dusting. . . It's good to have the perspective, though, that all the work we do is for the PEOPLE we love. :o)