Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The stockings were hung by the wood stove with care

The past weekend has been one big blur, not because I was hit over the head, but because I have been so busy outside my home. Whew! I am glad that is all over. I really enjoy doing things for others but I almost over did it this past weekend. I like life simple and at home and I was gone more than home. I actually was relieved when one of our blessings was a little under the weather on Sunday. I needed to be home to catch up and rest. I also canceled music lessons this Monday as three out of four of us has a head cold, and we just neede to be home and not rushed around. I have been home all day today and I am almost finished with all the Christmas decorating. I plan on finishing tonight before I go to bed with the inside. Tomorrow we will head out to put up the outside lights and wreaths. Then I will clean up the house and begin the cookie and candy making.(The fun part.) The blessings are looking forward to this as I am also. We are continuing to keep up with our school work and I am not sure we will take a long break, probably just a few days here and there. I have a big event that I am working on for next weekend so we will probably take a few days off before that as I am sure things will be busy running here and there for the final prep. And somewhere in there I must remember why we even celebrate Christmas.

May the Lord find us faithful.

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