Thursday, November 30, 2006

Learning to add photos

Here goes:

L cookie eater Wow, I am super surprised, thanks to Sunny for the much needed information to do this!!  Here are my blessings with their cookies they decorated on Thanksgiving Day!!


                                          J cookie


E thanksgiving cookies


May the Lord find us faithful.




  1. How fun! You did great adding the pics. When I was learning to resize with my program it took a few errors before I got it right. lol

  2. Boy it is SO nice to be home, but I do have to say as our family & friends have had 50-70 degree weather for the past week the -30 ot colder has been hard to deal with.... I always said that a winter getaway is what we Alaskans should all have, but now I am not sure! The gorgous sceens out our windows makes it all worth it though. Loved the pictures of our kids with the cookies. Our kids are the best blessings that we could ever receive.... love my kids! Have a great day. Denice

  3. How cute..... Wish I was there......

  4. Beautiful kids AND cookies!!

    I'm so glad I could help with your pics!